Keeping Up W/ Adrienne| LIFE

Hey dolls, welp I think you may know what this post is about already but just to make it clear I want to explain. I had gotten a virus on my PC a couple of weeks ago so I was apart from imvu for a whole week which is strange for me because I would be on imvu EVERYDAY! During the time I was apart  from imvu I didn’t think I would find anything to do to keep me occupied. I thought I would go crazy, but I did find something.It was YouTube videos by ulovemegz (you should check her out) she focuses on hair care and makeup. As soon as I watched her first 5 videos i fell in love.So from her she inspired me to go on a hair journey (dedication of time and patience to focus on growing you hair in a certain amount of time using specif products for hair care).I’m at arm pit length but my hair has always been long, just not thick.But yea It takes a lot of time and focus and I really want my hair to be nice and health.


So as soon as my PC was fixed the first thing i did was run to imvu lol. But as soon as i logged on imvu I logged back off….I didn’t know why but I had the feeling of if I left imvu completely I wouldn’t regret it. Then family came to mind,my fiends,my blog,my history. I’ve been on imvu for about 6 years and to just leave would be heart breaking. So I said I could never do that to anyone on here especially my family (the ones who were there for me back then when I didn’t have many friends in RL) So my conclusion is I will NOT be leaving imvu but I WONT be on as much. My blog WILL still be here and I will CONTINUE to make more post.But I have decided that I might not be modeling anymore.That being said if your not a close friend or I’m not already working for you I will not be modeling for you. the only company I’m with is The9 by PrettiKitti but I rarely do ads for her anyways ;/.So for now bye, I will be back but not for long.You know how it feels to have RL situations ,fun or not, take over for a while and keeps you from imvu.

So till next time dolls~ I will be gone but completely 😉


Random| Polls

This is just for me to find out which group of people are viewing my blog post :>

Random| Broke Models?…The Struggle Is Real!

Okay hey dolls, lemme first off  saying I know what your thinking. (mocks) “omg how did she know??” Well I know cause I been their and I know it’s not fun. It’s unacceptable  having our models today struggle to get the products they need to model some of these devs products. Situations on when you might have  had a broke moment:

#1 Your modeling for a developer & he or she says ” hmmm? noo I don’t like that “, then you go into shop cause you know you don’t have anything they might like or would like you to wear. like shorts or a pony tail.

#2 Your modeling for a developer and after your done he or she says “thank you”…….w/o pay -_____-

#3 You Entered a contest where it requires you to have outfits from a certain dev, so you have to go buy some outfits for a contest you might not even win…


I’ve been through these situations and it gets on my nerves cause I say in the back of my mind “I should have this stuff already, it’s already on my wishlist.” buuuuuut I don’t ,so I continuously go into shop to see if I can hurry up and find that  hair I need or those shoes that are plain black .Now this isn’t all the dev’s fault. here might be some reason why your broke:

  • You spend ALL of your credits in one day!
  • You don’t budget
  • You buy custom whatevers which you know cost the whole world
  • Or you throw your credits away somewhere else ;P


This isn’t really advice but kind of a wake up call. You, as models, need to learn to budget money/credits especially if your just starting off and you don’t buy credits all the time. Research has shown that it physically pains/stresses someone to spend a cent of money. So the next time you get credits and you go crazy and go into shop to spend it all  at once think about this:

  • Use half on what you would like to buy for yourself and the other half…SAVE IT! just in case something comes up mode related.If you don’t know how to split it up get a calculator and divide by 2
  •  Spend your credits wisely, meaning buy stuff you think you’ll need in a photo shoot. Like mass pony tails or bobs, black,white, neutral color heels or pumps,nude or bold make-up,LOTS of accessories( cause developers always look for a model with a variety of accessories.
  • Develop! It doesn’t have to be something amazing just things that you think people might buy.

I followed my own advice & now I don’t stress over money anymore.1 cause I know credits are coming in as I spend and 2 I know how to budget  ^_^.So dolls I hope this woke you up cause I don’t want you realizing this at the last minute.It was hard for me to follow what I preach but I got through it. So in till next time dolls & like with any other post I hope this helps :>

Model Spotlight | w/ Shaduup


Who are you??

CeCe,18, Cleveland Hts Ohio

What do you like most about modeling??

 What I like most about modeling is showing off my sense of style & getting to walk the runway & just having fun really.

What’s your signature??

 My signature look is basically girly, but I also like to switch it up & dress like a tomboy

Who is your favorite dev you’ve worked for or would like to work for??

 My favorite creator I’ve worked for is Exquis. I’d love to work for Pierce or PrettiKitti

Any Shout outs??

 I’d like to shout out my hubby Dae (Shadaap) Shanice (GlamV1) The whole HD team, Destiny (Dessai), Diamond (Chilsoa, & the rest of my friends who I forgot ^_^

Do you stuff CeCe & keep working hard so you can rise towards the top.I know you will!

AGAIN!! if you’d like to be featured for Model Spotlight message me, Intrigued@IMVU, and Ill send you the same questions so that different developers may see you and know where your coming from:)  Who’ll be next???

-Till next time dolls<3

Contest| Christmas Contest!!


Dolls, lemme start off by saying i ABSOLUTELY DO NOT! like gifting strangers for any reason >:| like for contest and b-days…i dont waste money like that.So this contest is for the ones who are’nt strangers :> Believe me when I say i check up on whose following my blog and whose just copy and pasting for me in the pulses.The concept of the contest is my two top followers for my blog will get a special gift from me on christmas day! I wont tell you what it is but this is what you’ll be getting as well:

Speical gift to each top follower


A spot on my next blog post

gifts/prizes may change but there can only be two winners. Its not first place and second place, it’s an even prize….if that makes sence? Contest ends December 25th.The rules are liking the post I each time so that i know your following.If you have any questions  about folwoing my regularly but it’s not showing up to me ,please inbox me on imvu :> I will be annoucing the leaders on pulse daily !

-till net time dolls<3

Model Spotlight| w/ Chinkita



1.Who Are You??

My name is Erika, I’m 18 & I’m from NY

2.What inspired you to model??

When I was a noob I would always see these advertisements for products and etc. that made me wanna become a model on IMVU. Especially from Coco (Pierce) & my mother Diiva. I have attended Lala’s model school to better myself in the modeling category so now I have a lot of fun with it.

3.What is your most memorable feature(s)??

People usually remember me by how I dress  and or my avi’s features especially my hair color since I make my own

4. Any Shout outs??

I would like to give shoutouts to My mother Diiva, my twin, My Kids, Adore Family, Sosa Family & to those who keep trying & never give up on what they wanna do either if its for modeling, developing, creating or anything . Love you guys ^_^

Hey Erika, Just keep on shinning and I know you’ll make it to the top!!

AGAIN!! if you’d like to be featured for Model Spotlight message me, Intrigued@IMVU, and Ill send you the same questions so that different developers may see you and know where your coming from:)  Who’ll be next???

-Till next time dolls<3

Interviews| w/ Exquis

what is you look, what on your avi makes people remember you

Hmm I’m not sure cause I never keep anything for a long period of time. The only thing that I keep is my poses I do not use any other poses except the ones from Sinderella avi’s I have just about each one she has made. I know some people have a signature look but im a very versatile person my style and attitude and everything else about me constantly changes. I think it’s good to grow and change for the better of course.

what inspired you to model?

Lol well when I first saw imvu modeling, I was with a group called B.E (Blaze Entertainment) It was run by my old imvu brother Santana03. They had so many developers and models and I was just like oh shit free gifts. Yup I was a total noob. But they took me in showed me how to edit and model. They were like my imvu family. We obviously grew apart over time but if it was not for them I would not be where I am today on imvu.

What was the most memorable show you’ve ever done?

Hmm As many people know I don’t do imvu shows that often. No matter how many times I get a new laptop I always seem to break them and my pc lags like hell so runways don’t always mix with me. But for the ones I have done which is probably about 4 or 5 lol. My favorite one is the one I did for Pravaana. I have to say those wedding dresses was smexy af and I met my best friend Stubbornly there. The one I did for Metelicious was the scariest one she had us doing this walk and all I could think was omfg please don’t mess up the walk lol.

Any Shoutouts??

I want to shout out My baby Stubbornly an amazing model, DefineElla a terrible model lol jp boo, BeyondBliss an amazing graphic designer, Glamv1 a great developer, Rosey,,Tara,,Miley,, and all my other nigras! #ThugLyfe lol

Extra :I also want to Thank You for having me in your blog.You are hands down one of my FAVORITE female imvu models. -pats weave- gyal you know imma be dragging you to model in my next show -pops gum- mhmh 🙂